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  • Twist and Shout - Sept 10,2004 - This was an instore appearance Steve did before the Silver City premiere in Denver.
  • WNYC - Aug 24, 2004 - Steve was a guest on The Leonard Lopate Show. You can hear the show at WNYC.
  • ACLU - July 6, 2004 - Steve played the welcome plenary for the ACLU on July 6th. You can watch video of his performance here. A few photos from the event are in the photo section.
  • DIG Radio - April 9, 2004 - Steve's performance at the Byron Bay festival in Australia in April of this year is on the web. Go to DIG Radio to hear the show.
  • Enough Rope - April 2004 - Steve was in interviewed on Enough Rope in Australia in April of 2004. His live performance of Jerusalem is posted on their website.
  • Cambridge Folk Festival 2003 - Click here then click on "Steve Earle".
    Video Interview with Steve then click on "Steve Earle" under Artists.
  • BBC 4 - April 5, 20003 5 mins.  Read the full text of An American In Limbo.
  • Mixed Bag - late 2002 (aired January 2003) go to the Archive link and click until you get to Sunday shows, Mixed Bag Radio Interviews, and then Steve's link.  Steve talks about Jerusalem, his earliest childhood memories, his musical friendships with Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen and Emmylou Harris, and gives a very personal account of his political views and how it manifests itself in his songwriting.  He also performs a live version of the title track. [direct link]
  • Strictly Bluegrass - October 5, 2002 Video of Steve and the Bluegrass Dukes at Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco, CA. View Here.
  • Dutch Documentary - There is about five minutes of this hour long documentary done on Steve. The whole documentary was taped and is traded.
  • Interview with Steve and some rehearsal from Paradisolife the page is in Dutch and you can find a link in the last long paragraph... click on the word "Bekijk" just before RealVideobeelden
  • Misc Songs

    mp3 files of
    Steve's live version (1982) of I Fought The Law:
    I Fought The Law   (2:20)  [2MB]
    Steve's altered version* (c.1981) of I Fought The Law:
    I Fought The Law   (1:52)  [2MB]

    * issued on a 1988 Teledisc USA 3-LP set (TD 12  DVL 3-0822)
    [mfd. by RCA Records Inc.], includes a saxophone solo, supposedly
    recorded at Sun studios; Steve never recorded this song nor recorded
    for Sun... so maybe it was taken from a live recording and altered?

    mp3 files of
    Steve's live version (1982) of Lucy Dee:
    Lucy Dee   (3:19)  [3MB]
    Vince Gill's album version* (1989) of Lucy Dee:
    Lucy Dee   (3:56)  [3MB]

    * The Best Of Vince Gill, issued 1989 on RCA (9814-2-R)

    mp3 file of
    Steve contributing guitar and vocals on
    Jill Sobule's Texas (2002):
    Texas   (3:16)  [3MB]
    mp3 file of
    Steve's 1975 demo of his song:
    Elijah's Church   (4:19)  [3MB]

    Elijah Earle was an ancestor of Steve's.
    (lyrics to the song are here)

    mp3 file
    From Sidetracks
    Some Dreams   (3:09)  [2.2MB]
    mp3 sample files
    From Transcendental Blues
    Transcendental Blues  (1:01)
    Another Town  (0:42)
    I Don't Want To Lose You Yet  (0:45)

    www.steveearle.com links
    RealAudio samples (approx. 30 sec.)
    From Transcendental Blues
    Transcendental Blues
    Everyone's In Love With You
    I Can Wait
    Wherever I Go
    From Transcendental Blues
    Transcendental Blues promo video
    Steve talks about recording Transcendental Blues
    Over Yonder (Jonathan's Song) promo video

    www.Amazon.com links
    RealAudio (full songs)
    From Transcendental Blues
    Transcendental Blues  (4:12)
    Everyone's in Love with You  (3:49)
    Another Town  (2:21)
    Steve's Last Ramble  (3:55)
    Wherever I Go  (2:01)
    The Galway Girl  (3:36)
    All of My Life  (3:36)

    Entire Performance:
    Steve Earle & the Dukes at SXSW

    Austin, TX (16 March 2000)  (37:14)
    c.1979 Steve's Mexico Demos
    Steve w/ The Del McCoury Band
    Steve's songs performed at
    Farm Aid '98
    Steve's All Of My Life
    written by Steve Earle
    from the '98 Psycho soundtrack CD
    Steve's Me And The Eagle
    written by Steve Earle
    from The Horse Whisperer soundtrack CD
    Jerry Douglas & Steve's
    Don't Take Your Guns To Town
    written by Johnny Cash
    from Jerry's Restless On The Farm CD
    and also Johnny Cash's version
    Steve's version of
    Saturday Night And Sunday Morning
    written by David Olney
    performed live by Steve acoustically
    and also David Olney's version
    The Thompson Brothers Band & Steve's
    Pick Up The Tempo
    written by Willie Nelson
    from The Thompson Brothers Band's Blame It On The Dog CD
    Steve's A Little Bit In Love
    and also Patty Loveless' version
    Steve's Devil's Right Hand
    and also Waylon Jennings' version
    Stacey Earle's Losers Weep
    (WAV file, 420K, 54sec)
    features "very special harmony" with Steve
    from Stacey's Simple Gearle CD
    Bill Lyerly Band's Hangmen
    features co-lead vocal duties by Bill Lyerly and Steve
    from Bill's Railroad Station Blues CD
    Bill Lyerly Band's Down On My Luck
    written by Steve Earle and Tom Benjamin
    from Bill's Cobalt Blues CD and
    from Bill's no-longer-available Prodigal Son LP
    Greg Trooper's I Thought I Was Dreaming
    written by Greg Trooper and Steve Earle
    from Greg's Everywhere CD
    Johnny Lee's When You Fall In Love
    written by John Scott Sherrill and Steve Earle
    from Johnny Lee's Bet Your Heart On Me album
    mp2 files
    Mercenary Song
    Mystery Train Part II
    Nothin' Without You

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    © 1995-2003Lisa Kemper  – All Rights Reserved

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