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      Commercial and Promotional Videos
Transcendental Blues Live video The Irish Gala video Just An American Boy The Party's Over    Sessions 54th


  • Transcendental Blues Live live concert video (15 songs filmed at a 26 July 2000 concert at Convocation Hall in Toronto, Ontario) and two promo videos  (E-Squared/Artemis, VHS: 751063-3, 2000; DVD: 751149-9, 2002)
  • Just An American Boy Bio Film by Amos Poe and one promo video(Jerusalem)  (E-Squared/Artemis, DVD: ATM-DV-51230, 2003)
  • Live From Austin TX Full concert filmed for Austin City Limits on Sept 12, 1986. Show was cut down to thirty minutes for TV. This is the full concert. Only available on DVD. There is also a CD version of this show. (New West, DVD: B00064VQYE, 2003)
    Purchse at Amazon.com.
  • Heartworn Highways The Legends Of Country Music's New Wave [documentary movie] includes Steve playing guitar accompanying Rodney Crowell on Bluebird Wine (only left half of Steve's face is visible through most of the song), playing and singing part of his song Elijah's Church, and playing and singing Silent Night around a table with a bunch of people featured in the documentary recorded in 1975, released on video in 1993 (Rhapsody Films 9023) and on DVD in 2003. The DVD contains bonus footage of all the artists. Steve sings Mercenary Song. This song did not show up on an official cd until 1995's Train A Comin.(Navarre B00009KP12)
    Available now from Amazon (Navarre B00009KP12)
  • The Best Of Sessions At West 54th, Volume 2 (DVD) includes Steve performing Ellis Unit One recorded on 29 Feb 1999, released on DVD in 2001 (PBS Films)
  • The Kennedy Center Presents:  "The Irish Gala" includes Steve performing Galway Girl and Goodbye, also playing guitar on a Ricky Skaggs song recorded in 2000, released on video in 2001 (PBS Films B8508, ISBN: 0-7806-3532-9)
  • Country Video Monthly July 1993 includes Copperhead Road promo  (Warner Music Enterprises)
  • The Party's Over - Documentary Part of the video from Over Yonder is used along with footage from a concert where Steve speaks on his beliefs about the death penalty.
    Click here for information on the file.
  • Pearl Jam Live at the Garden - Concert video for Pearl Jam. Steve appears in the bonus footage during Fortunate Son with the band.
  • Completely Pogued - Hard to find documentary on The Pogues.
  • Town and Country Live - Pogues live concert DVD.
  • Be Here To Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt - Bio Film by Margaret Brown This documentary is currently playing at film festivals around the country.
  • The Station Inn: True Life Bluegrass Steve along with the Del McCoury Band are part of a new documentary about The Station Inn in Nashville. The documentary is playing at The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville on June 27th at 2pm. Get more info here. This documentary is currently playing at film festivals around the country.
  • 20th Century Masters-Dvd Collection Universal Music and VI released 20th Century Masters-DVD Collection.

    Video's include:
    Copperhead Road
    Guitar Town
    plus others

    For more info or to order click Amazon


  • Johnny Too Bad (?)
  • Guitar Town, 1986, 3 min
  • Someday, 1986, 3 min\
  • I Ain't Ever Satisfied, 1987, 4 min
  • Nowhere Road, 1987, 3 min
  • Six Days On The Road, 1988, 4 min
  • Copperhead Road, 1988, 5 min
  • Back To The Wall, 1989, 5 min
  • The Other Kind, 1990, 5 min
  • More Than I Can Do (?)
  • I Feel Alright, 1996, 4 min
  • Telephone Road, 1997, 4 min
  • Transcendental Blues, 2000, 4 min
  • Over Yonder (Jonathan's Song), 2000, 4 min
  • Some Dreams, 2002, 3 min
  • Jerusalem, 2002, 3 min
  • Rich Mans War, 2004, 3 min

  • I Feel Alright EPK 12 min [E-Squared/Warner Bros., 1996], 12 min
    • interview segments cut with parts of songs from I Feel Alright, plus shorts bits of live solo acoustic South Nashville Blues, CCKMP, and Goodbye, with some old  family pictures of Steve
  • Transcendental Blues EPK 8 min [E-Squared/Artemis, 2000]
    • interview segments cut with parts of songs from Transcendental Blues

    Steve Songs in TV and Movies
  • Comin Round was played during the TV show Crossing Jordan Season 4 Episode 10 A Stranger Among Us air date of 3 January 2005
  • Ashes To Ashes was played during the TV show The Shield Season 3 Episode 9 Slipknot air date of 2 May 2004
  • Goodbye was played during the TV show Without A Trace air date of 22 May 2003
  • Transcendental Blues was played during the TV show Six Feet Under (during the dinner party outside) original air date of 2 March 2003
  • When I Fall was to be played during the TV show Crossing Jordan original air date of 30 September 2002, but was not however, closed captioning indicated that it was played at the end of the episode
  • Goodbye played during the TV show Crossing Jordan original air date of 25 February 2002, "Lost And Found" episode performed by Emmylou Harris
  • Steve's Last Ramble played during the TV show The Today Show air date of 22 February 2002, "Mike Leonard's XIX Olympics Video Diarly" segment
  • The Boy Who Never Cried played during the TV show Crossing Jordan original air date of 26 November 2001, part 2 of 2 of "Digger" episode

  • I Feel Alright played in the movie Switchback    playing on a jukebox in a bar
  • The Other Side Of Town played in the movie The Pledge    can be heard very faintly in the background playing out of a radio (the scene is where Jack Nicholson is processing his first credit card at his newly bought run down gas station; also Steve and song are listed in the end credits)
  • Open Your Window played in the movie Pay It Forward October 2000

  • Musician credits:  Steve on vocals, guitar, and keyboard; Will Rigby on drums; Brad Jones on bass; and Ray Kennedy on guitar
  • Texas Eagle played in the movie You Can Count On Me 2000
  • Harlan Man played in the movie You Can Count On Me 2000
  • The Mountain played in the movie You Can Count On Me 2000
  • I'm Still In Love With You played in the movie You Can Count On Me 2000
  • Pilgrim played in the movie You Can Count On Me 2000
  • South Nashville Blues [rewritten] played during beginning and ending credits in the HBO TV show The Corner performed by Corey Harris & Henry Butler 1999?
  • Nowhere Road and Fearless Heart played in the movie Wild West    the movie also includes the movie's band, the Honky Tonk Cowboys, performing I Ain't Ever Satisfied and No. 29  (band members also rob a guitar store called "Guitar Town")
  • Six Days On The Road and Continental Trailways Blues played in the movie Planes, Trains And Automobiles    Six Days On The Road is included footage from the movie and the song is clearly played during one of the highway scenes.  The song Continental Trailways Blues can be heard at the beginning of the diner scene when Steve Martin tries to break away from Candy.

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