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Some other Steve tab:  http://hem1.passagen.se/joabnu/

I've heard that some of this tab is correct and some isn't... "Goodbye", in particular, has been Tabbed out in open position with no capo, but Steve performs it live with a capo at the 5th fret.
(This what I'm told - I have no idea!)

Hints on playing Steve Earle guitar parts by ACushen@aol.com

Hints from Andrew Cushen (a.k.a. ACushen@aol.com) on how to prepare tablature files for the web:

I've gotten a few questions asking how I prepare the Tab that you see on Lisa's site. It's a several-step process. First, I use a shareware program called Tabestry, for Windows. It's an excellent Tab editor - the lines are all there, all you do is enter the fret numbers on the proper string, and it supports many different stringed instruments, not just guitar. It also lets you play back the Tab you've entered, through your sound card. In this capacity, it supports any tuning you want.

Once that's done, I do a Screen Capture. Since I use Windows 95, that's as simple as hitting Alt-Print Screen (if you use Win 3.1, there are several shareware screen capture programs available).

Next, I open up the Paint program that comes with Windows, and from the Edit menu I choose PASTE (note that Paint cannot be open while you're doing the screen capture. Don't ask *me* why!!). I save the file as a 16 color .BMP file and open it in Photoshop (the shareware program Paint Shop Pro works also). Here, I edit out the menus and toolbars from Tabestry, add a title, and export it as a .GIF file to cut down on file size. TA DA!!! Now you know why it takes me a while to do each song. . . but it's the best way I've found to do Tab!!

Now go out and send Lisa some Tab!!

Please feel free to submit other tablature... Thanks, this page © 1997-2001 

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